Interactive iPad menu card

Your waiters might have a hard time up selling products like wine and specialty coffees. This interactive iPad app makes both selling and ordering complementary products a true experience.

Originally an interactive wine list was developed. In order to achieve the distinctive Apple look and feel, some correspondence took place with Apple. Later, when the interactive wine list had proven to be successful, also an interactive menu card for specialty beers and coffees was developed.

The iPad menu card is always tailored to your specific needs and corporate identity.

See how the iPad wine list can work out for you:

iPad menu card

The iPad menu card provides your guests with interesting and detailed background information which a regular menu card lacks (due to the limited nature of a paper based menu card). The iPad app inspires your guests and entices them to make new (surprising) choices. The app offers full interactivity. Your guests can browse your coffee, wine, beer or tea assortment in various ways. Specifically designed icons give a clear picture of product properties.

Your guests will experience the ordering process as entertaining.


Maintainance à la minute

The Content Management System gives you the possibility to change your interactive menu card anytime anywhere, as long as there’s an Internet connection available. Even while your guests are browsing your product assortment.

Want to add or remove a product immediately? Your iPad menu card is real time updated to reflect product availability, group size or seasonal influences.

Numerous restaurant owners preceded you in using this (secure) CMS.


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iPad wine list
wine list

iPad coffee card

coffee menu

  • Fully customised
  • Realtime updatable
  • Optimal brand experience
  • In line with your corporate identity
  • Promotes upsell and cross-sell

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